World Vegan Day Melbourne 2003

Picnic in Albert Park
Saturday November 1st 2003

In 2003, Melbourne celebrated its 1st major World Vegan Day event with a picnic in the park beside the beautiful Albert Park Lake.

World Vegan Day 20003 Albert Park

Despite the rather disappointing weather, there was a strong turnout of dedicated and interested people who came along to sample the many free handouts, the delicious BBQ, and all that the attending organisations had to offer. The day was definitely a success, with strongly positive feedback from those who attended, many wishing us well for this year's event.

We'd like to thank the many businesses and organisations who helped us to make this event happen. Without their assistance and encouragement, World Vegan Day Melbourne would never have gone ahead.

Attending organisations were Animal Liberation Victoria, Choose Cruelty Free, The Vegan Society of Australia, Dogaid, and of course, the organisers Vegans Unite! and Vegetarian Network Victoria.

In particular, we'd like to thank our major sponsor Soulmama Vegetarian Restaurant, who made the whole thing possible with a generous donation! Please visit their beautifully designed and informative website.

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