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Ebay Auction

Ebay Auction

We have recently released three very exciting services/products on Ebay which you can bid on, if the service/product is of interest to you. The highest bidder will win!

So what’s on offer?

1.5 Hour Reiki Treatment

Includes foot soak, herbal tea and crystal.

One on One Life Coaching with best selling author Ron Prasad

Worth $250.

2 night stay at Bed & Broccoli Vegan Bed & Breakfast in Shepparton, VIC

Worth $180. Bed and Broccoli is a fully self-contained bed & breakfast, which was ironically once a fully operational dairy. Now renovated into a beautiful spacious one-bedroom accommodation with all the modern luxuries of today it is now a place to relax & unwind. Whether you choose to read a book, connect with the animal residents or visit the local attractions you are sure to have a memorable experience.

6 Comments to Ebay Auction

  1. Hermione

    I tried to bid on the Reiki one but it says ” this cannot be shipped to Aus” and says to try another item. It doesn’t seem to be working.

  2. Amy Kauler

    All working now Hermione :)

  3. Liz

    Every time I place a bid, I’m instantly out bid by a bid of .50c higher, that was placed with the time showing several hours before my bid??

  4. Amy Kauler

    Hey Liz

    That would be because other bidders may have set an auto bid, to better their chances of not losing the auction. Ebay will not tell you what they have set their maximum amount to, so you can keep bidding higher until you go over their amount. Generally people set maximum amounts $5-$10 over the current price.


  5. Liz

    Ok, thanks Amy. I get it now!

  6. Mark O

    Wow that Bed and Broccoli looks like a treat I’ll have to try out after the event !!

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