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Vegan Perfection

Vegan Perfection

Vegan Perfection was founded by Jeremy and Rebecca, a husband and wife team – committed vegans, environmentalists and humanitarians who decided they wanted to spread the benefits of a vegan lifestyle to the Australian population…
Lord of the Fries

Lord of the Fries

The idea behind Lord of the Fries began over late night snack excursions early in 2004. Mandy (Toronto) and Mark (Melbourne) met while living in Taiwan (Tainan). Their love for fries drew them closer, and…
Pana Chocolate Information Q & A

Pana Chocolate Information Q & A

Q. First off, I have to say that you guys have the best chocolate I’ve ever tasted! I can’t get enough of it and I can’t wait to indulge myself at World Vegan Day this…
Happy Fun Vegans

Happy Fun Vegans

Q. Hi guys, so good to have you on board for World Vegan Day, is this first one you’ve done? A. We’ve been around for a few years mainly hanging out with the crowd. We…
A healthy look at protein

A healthy look at protein

Written by Melanie Eager, Nutritionist and Wellness Coach. Where do you get your protein? If I had $1 every time someone asked me this question, I’d make an animal sanctuary somewhere very happy with…
Catch the train to World Vegan Melbourne 2015

Catch the train to World Vegan Melbourne 2015

In some of the most exciting news to happen to World Vegan Day, TRAINS WILL BE RUNNING TO THE SHOWGROUNDS FOR US THIS YEAR!!!! One of World Vegan Days goals this year was to build…
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This year the IVU - International Vegetarian Union are holding their 43rd Annual VegFest here in Australia. We are excited to feature a huge line up international delegates of the IVU as guest speakers at this years Speaker's Stage.
Featured Presenter: Emmanuel Eyoh
Spreading vegetarianism & compassionate living in Africa
Emmanuel Eyoh is the president of the Nigeria Vegetarian Society & IVU Africa Regional Rep.
He is the Executive Director of the Nigeria SPCA & The World Animal Day Ambassador for Nigeria. He is also the Africa Rep of Food For Life Global the largest Veg charity in the world.
Emmanuel Eyoh organised the 1st ever vegetarian congress in Africa in Nigeria in 2007. In 2008 he was elected into the IVU executive committee and appointed the IVU Africa Regional coordinator. Since becoming the IVU Africa Rep he has organised successful vegetarian congress in Nigeria, Togo, Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon etc.His current project is promoting Meatless Mondays in Africa which has seen Meatless Monday campaigns set up in about 10 Africa countries. The Meatless Monday Nigeria is sponsored by Humane Society International [USA] which will see meatless Mondays reach thousands of people in Nigeria and other countries in Africa. All these will lead to the 1st ever world vegetarian congress in Africa that was cancelled last year in Ghana because of the Ebola outbreak in W/Africa.
Emmanuel is widely travelled and has participated in Veg & animal welfare conferences in 4 continents in places such as USA, England, Malaysia, Kenya, Ghana, Gambia etc.
#worldvegandaymelbourne #IVUAustralia2015 #ivuworldvegfest
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'A Vegan a Day keeps the Curious at Play'
An amazing story of what you can achieve when you put your body, mind and heart into it.

“My name is Luke, I am an author, coach and vegan athlete. I am passionate about spreading plant-positive message through conscious athleticism and entrepreneurship.”

How long have you been vegan? What motivated you to make the switch to living a vegan life?
Almost 4 years now and I will never ever look back.
My ‘vegcurious’ journey really started when my wife, Emilie (already a vegan), introduced me to the book The Food Revolution by John Robbins. The penny dropped when I watched the film Earthlings. An interest suddenly became a conviction. I remembered telling Emilie after the film ‘I’m done with meat.’ I became vegan overnight.

After I turned vegan, I did a volunteer day at Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary and truly connected with all the animals there. This made me realise how a cow, chicken, pig or duck, was no different then a cat or a dog. All living, breathing and feeling, all had as much of a right to live as I did. I did not want to be a contributory factor to animal cruelty and environmental degradation anymore.

What is one of the most exciting things to have happened in your life since being vegan?
Since turning vegan, I’ve become healthier, leaner, stronger, more mentally focused and purpose driven. I guess that’s why I decided to start Evolved Generation, become an author on the subject, and create my coaching brand, The A.W.A.K.E Method. My intention is to spread the message of health, athleticism and personal empowerment through a plant-fuelled lifestyle.

From competing in Victoria in the Australian Natural Bodybuilding Federation in 2013 (as a vegan), then travelling to the Austin Texas in June 2015 to compete alongside team Plantbuilt with fellow Evolved Generation team mates, it has been amazing journey from the start.
Along with our sister team Plantbuilt, we are a global network of vegan athletes passionate about spreading change through athleticism.

What are you looking forward to at this year's World Vegan Day?
The World Vegan Day Fitness Zone of course! I remember visiting my first World Vegan Day (not long after I turned vegan) when it was held at Princes Park thinking to myself, ‘This is amazing! I would love to be a part of this some day!’. Fast forward one year, and my wife and I were sharing a stall with a friend. The following year, my team (Evolved Generation) and I were doing a presentation in the main room and now, this year we'll be hosting a full Fitness Zone with our partner Raw Events ( I am truly blown away.
If you truly are passionate about something, keep believing in it, then commit to taking focussed and consistent action. When you do so, opportunities come knocking at your door when the time is right.

If you could give one tip to someone considering becoming vegan, what would it be?
Take your time and make slow and gradual changes that are sustainable. One more tip, model success. Ask, research and find those that are successful and thriving as one, learn from them.

Your best vegan discovery?
That really, if you look, you can find a vegan version of ANYTHING. No loss but everything to gain. Health, athleticism, sustainability, compassion, community, positivity and purpose, can all be summed up by one word, vegan.
My one favourite treat though: Vegan Hawaiian pizza

The A.W.A.K.E Method:
The Evolved Generation:
Facebook: The Awake Method
Facebook: Evolved Generation
Instagram: theawakemethod
Twitter: theawakemethod

Thanks for being part of the Vegan a Day series Luke.
If you are vegan and would like to share your story, please email [email protected]

#worldvegandaymelbourne #veganaday #vegansofmelbourne #vegancommunity #vegan #veganfriends
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We love the community support. Bytes of Northcote - Eco Dentistry are proud to support World Vegan Day Melbourne. Their dentistry services offer vegan friendly care, and they have a fresh vibrant layout feauturing local Art and Environmentally Friendly Products to purchase.
Thanks for the support BONEC
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Each and every year World Vegan Day Melbourne is host to a fantastic mix of talks at our Speakers' Stage. Follow our posts as we announce this year's lineup up, including local, national and international speakers.

Featured Presenter: Katrina Fox
Vegan World Domination – One Business at a Time

Making it as easy as possible for the masses to eschew animal products from their lives is an important role in the animal rights, health and environmental activism movements. Find out vegan entrepreneurs’ secrets of success and how to start and grow your own ethical, advocacy-based business.


#worldvegandaymelbourne #wvdspeakersstage #katrinafox

From being chased by riot police during a demonstration against a farm breeding kittens for vivisection in the UK, to advising a high-profile whistleblower in Australia, Katrina Fox proudly helps rebels with causes to make a positive difference in the world by sharing their stories.
A journalist since 1997, Katrina has worked on staff and as a freelancer for a range of niche and mainstream media with a particular focus on social justice issues affecting people, animals and planet.
Originally from London, Katrina moved to Sydney in 2001. She is the author/editor of several books, including chapters in Plant-Powered Women and Circles of Compassion.
Her latest book is Vegan Ventures: Start & Grow an Ethical Business, a practical and inspirational guide for aspiring and existing vegan business owners and entrepreneurs. The book – which will have its official Melbourne launch at the 2015 World Vegan Day – features advice from over 60 business owners and professionals from the US, UK, Canada and Australia.
Katrina is the founder and editor of Vegan Business Media, an online media hub providing success tips, PR and marketing strategies and resources for vegan business owners and entrepreneurs with a mission of Vegan World Domination – One Business at a Time. She is also editor of The Scavenger online magazine for social change advocates, associate editor at Ethical Futures digital magazine for senior executives and columnist (Entrepreneur Spotlight) for New York digital fashion magazine La Fashionista Compassionista.
In 2014 Katrina won the Voiceless: The Animal Protection Institute media award for print/online journalism for her article Speciesism: The Final Frontier for the ABC’s The Drum and has been an ethical vegan since 1996.
In addition to hosting the Vegan Business Media website, Katrina provides media coaching and training, editing and content marketing services to ethical business owners.
She lives with her wife, Tracie and loves glitter, disco and Internet cat videos!
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World Vegan Day Melbourne is: music / food / drinks / making new friends / finding new cruelty-free products / playing in the Kids'Area / sunshine / listening to talks / showbags / fashion shows / interactive health and fitness demos / practicing living enviro-friendly... and so much more! We would like to thank our sponsors for contributing to bringing this years event together:

Happy Fun Vegans -
Mantra Lounge
Pana Chocolate
Supercharger Wholefood

Lord Of The Fries
Prana ON
IVU - International Vegetarian Union
Dolly's Sister Vegan Cafe & Bar
Vegan Style
Fina's Vegetarian Cafe
Vegan Perfection

Avant Card
Rebel Kitchen Australia Feel Good Foods
ECO Minerals
Orgran Natural Foods
Vege Chips

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